ADECO Operation and Maintenance of Laboratory


ADECO Laboratory

Operation and maintenance of water and food laboratories
Operation and maintenance of university laboratories and research centers.
Scientific and medical devices Maintenance
Securing devices and laboratory supplies

The company guarantees highest quality criterions in accordance with the international standard ISO/IEC 17025 for laboratories under its supervision as well as presenting counseling services in the field of quality in accordance with international standards for sectors wishing to apply these standards to ensure the quality of their work.

Strategies and objectives of the company incollaboration with municipalities and related secretariats with respect to laboratories work :-

  1. Applying international quality systems to get ISO certificates in the field of analytical tests.
  2. Contribute actively in food risk management programs.
  3. Ensure the safety of food products being consumed.
  4. Monitoring of various pollutants residues in food including the following:
  5. Monitoring of pesticides residues in food products.
  6. Monitoring of aflatoxins in food products.
  7. Monitoring of antibiotics and hormones residues in food products.
  8. Monitoring of heavy metals in food products.
  9. Detection of microbiological contaminants in food products.
  10. Spread awareness among farmers about how to implement integrate management programs.
  11. Organizing training courses for both (consumers-farmers-agricultural engineers) to increase awareness about harmful effects caused by misuse of pesticides.
  12. Support the health inspection programs in municipalities and related secretariats.
  13. Full control of markets and various food establishments.

The company depends on highly skilled technical and consultative staffs qualified to work in different mechanisms in accordance with scientific methods and internationally documented of ISO organization and Codex committee in addition to directives of the Organizing Committee of the European Union.The company also provides technical staff well trained on different sampling techniques and transporting samples tolaboratory where it is coded and preserved under appropriate conditions for analysis. The analytical specialists responsible for highly advanced analytical instruments perform the required verification for procedures used in cooperation with technicians and under the direction of technical manager of the lab before actual commencement in sample analysis in order to ensure the highest quality and accuracy of results. The company is committed to perform routine maintenance for devices used in a definite times scheduled by lab management as well as needed. To ensure safety of employees the Company makes contracts with companies responsible for the disposal of chemicals and tools to avoid environmental risk of these hazardous materials.