Our concerns

• we care about providing advisory services and environmental studies based on scientific methods. •we recognize the threats caused by insects and pests and determine where the danger lays then we address the root causes of it. After a careful study, we make appropriate control plan, work on fixing the problem directly and then process them effectively and efficiently as well as determining the appropriate devices to perform the task.


We aim to have access to healthy and safe environment, free of pathogens and reduce the use of pesticides by placing environmental sanitation programs that was successful in a global experiment. • We aim to introduce and apply all that is new and scientific in environmental sanitation, pest monitoring, and public health pest control. • We aim to provide strategic direction through consultation and behavioral change through training, proper guidance and scientific and technical solutions for all environmental problems.

Based on the directives of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and the generous support of his Government to provide a clean cultural environment for citizens and residents, the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs has been in the development of cleaning services and increase the health and environmental level in all Saudi cities and villages. Efforts in the development of cleaning concentrated during the past few years to collect and transport waste to maintain the aesthetics of the cities. The ministry has made great strides in this area until Saudi cities became comparable to the most beautiful cities in the world clean and beautiful. Given the importance of waste management as one of the most important support services for cleaning and an investigation of the program of the ministry in the waste treatment start of its production to disposal, guidance, and controls the healthy burial of waste, and on the process for safe waste disposal and development of landfills in the Saudi Arabia in a scientific way. The technical aspects lead to the preservation of the environment and not polluting water and soil with contaminants resulting from waste and doing a healthy burial so it will be an easy manner to dealt with it by specialists in hygiene departments in the secretariats, municipalities and village clusters. Also, the various stages of dealing with waste, starting from choosing the Vault site, processing and use it for burial operations, surveillance operations, and disposing of gases and liquids resulting from these wastes to ward off dangers and processed right away, and end with wrapping it and the possibility to take advantage of its location. ADECO developed cleaning operations, according to the ministry directives, and run the landfills as planned by the ministry in all cities in the Kingdom. Also, dealing with waste and disposed of it in a safe manner by methods of a health and proper burial practices applied in the Kingdom.
ADECO also clean cars bearing wastes of all kinds, after they discharge the content, in places that are created within the perimeter of the landfill and specialized for a cleansing process that contribute to reducing the number of insect communities within cities, which are transmitted by waste carriers. ADECO fight against insect groups within the landfill and the sources of breeding pests that are harmful to human beings inside the cities, where most of the existing landfills threaten towns as a source for breeding insects. Also, ADECO fight against the masses of stray animals that you find in landfills. Animals that find the landfill a good environment for their living and is also threatening the surrounding towns as well as human life, children, and the surrounding farms. Thus, they must be disposed of and control within the landfill.

The safety of food is considered one of the main task facing workers in the food industry because of its paramount importance for all relevant authorities that deals with producing, handling, and marketing of food to maintain the health and safety of the consumer.

To that concern ADECO for Environmental Consulting do the following activities:

Health Control:

  • the control of the facilities that have a connection to public health per the ministry requirements.
  • Develop regulatory plans at health facilities by the degree of seriousness of each activity.
  • Assess the performance of health monitors.

Comprehensive Survey:

  • ADECO do a comprehensive survey of all facilities that have connections to public health and the preparation of a complete database.

Evaluation and Classification:

  • ADECO evaluate facilities per the ministry requirements and world standard. Also, classify them with a star classification system depending on their implementation of health requirements.


  • ADECO develop the low standard facilities using the requirements and standards and the application of the basic principles of HACCP.

Training and Rehabilitation:

  • ADECO do theoretical and field training for health inspectors, and it is done by specialist consultants in the field of health and food safety.
  • The training is done according to world standards and the use of the newest devices.

ADECO Services:

  • provide consultation and training services for all government agencies that specialize in the field of health control.
  • Prepare and implement studies and research that focus on health control.
  • Present health control services using the newest methods and technology.
  • Present consultation services in the quality
  • Present training and awareness courses to elevate the standard of health control and the development of health awareness.
  • Develop health control programs and systems.
  • Oversee and train health control inspectors.
  • Training and rehabilitation to use and easily develop the newest methods for health control management system over facilities.
  • Train and rehabilitation health inspectors to develop inspection methods on facilities.
  • Present all these services through a team of specialized consultants wit high levels of management and operation experience in the field of health control.

ADECO Projects:

Implementing the health requirements in the Municipal of Onaizah province.

Executive Summary:

  • The Kingdom exert all its energy and possibilities to provide comfort and maintain citizens’ and residents’ health in the ongoing framework of the comprehensive development in the Kingdom. The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs paid attention to public health services, including health controls on food and the places that deal with them for their important reflection on the citizen and resident health and safety.
  • On that note, we ADECO, that oversee the development of health control project in the Municipal of Onaizah Province, do a field inspection on all facilities that have a connection to public health in the municipal scale. Also, doing regular inspection rounds on these facilities through developing a plan for the control and follow-up, and studying the violations that were found and work to cut them. Also, raise the awareness of owners of these facilities and their workers of how dangerous these violations through consecutive inspection rounds of the facilities and follow-up the implementation of the health requirements for all activities.

The goal of the project:

  • Identifying the number and status of activities in the municipal scale.
  • Study common violations in restaurants and cafeterias, and implement necessary recommendations to prevent them.
  • Making sure of the quality of food presented to customers.
  • Follow work steps inside restaurants and cafeterias from the start till presenting food to the customer and identifying where the dangers are and how to fix them.
  • Increase the efficiency of health monitoring devices in the municipal management overall control.
  • Maintain the level of implementing requirements and systems for food and required professional facilities.
  • Assigning health control in the overall management control to the company special team to tighten health control.
  • Place development and training plans and awareness workshops for overall health control system in the municipal management.


  • List all facilities that have a connection to public health that exist around the municipal of Onaizah Province through an actual listing in real life and matching it to the database of the municipal.
  • Place a work plan through dividing the municipal area to smaller areas and divide them to food inspectors.
  • Provide the inspectors with a daily work plan that fit the area he oversees.
  • Input the results of the inspection rounds in the database, and list the violations that were found and the unimplemented health requirements in the facilities.
  • Analyze the inspection results and develop the final visualization.
  • Make a weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports on the condition of the facilities.
  • Place recommendations and suggestions.

Project Pictures:

Attached pictures

  • Project cars pictures
  • New devices and the delivering to inspectors pictures.
  • Inspectors pictures in the field.