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Environmental consulting

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Environmental Consulting
Environmental Measurements


Environmental consulting

Preparation of environmental impact assessment studies for the three categories of projects


Environmental measurements

Conduct the environmental measurements necessary to finish the environmental licenses for the projects as well as the necessary measurements for the environmental register and follow up the work of environmental monitoring of pollutants and compare them with the specifications approved by the General Authority for Meteorology and Environmental Protection



Studies on pollution control, survey and investigation studies of vector diseases, control of pests related to public health, cleanliness control studies and technical support for public health



Conducting effective applied training programs that train the national cadres to keep abreast of the technical developments appropriate to the needs of the labor market in the region, including fields of laboratories, human development, planning, quality control and assurance.

Environmental consultations Services:


  • Preparation of environmental impact assessment studies for all environmental categories
  • Provide environmental advisory services for projects.
  • Preparation and implementation of environmental management and follow-up programs during the construction and operation of new or existing projects.
  • Prepare contingency, response and pollution response plans.
  • Prepare environmental monitoring programs
  • Provide appropriate scientific solutions to environmental problems.
  • Preparing geological reports, soil classification and assessment.
  • Preparation and planning of municipal landfill projects and environmental rehabilitation.

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