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Solar Systems


  • ADECO Solar is a leading commercial solar installation and service Company specializing in the design, installation and project management of commercial solar PV applications right across Saudi Arabia.
  • ADECO Solar offers a fully integrated end to end solar solution and have a proven track record and extensive experience delivering commercial solar PV projects across Saudi Arabia & MENA Region .
  • ADECO Solar have had the privilege of delivering some of the largest commercial solar systems in Saudi Arabia and our project portfolio comprises of private and public sector renewable energy systems.
  • Medium and large scale grid connect, hybrid and stand alone energy and battery storage solutions require diverse and specialist skills and the ADECO Solar team is experienced in all facets of those projects, ensuring every project is of the highest standard. Our company provides creative and practical solutions for new applications and design and installation is tailored to unique site considerations and measured against actual power delivered and energy per SR invested.
  • ADECO Solar is one of reliable reputed members of the Saudi Government and Local Government Procurement panel to deliver Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s) to Saudi Government organizations across Saudi Arabia, and one of the most important provider headquartered in a regional location ( Saudi Arabia ). This appointment reinforces our position in the solar energy market as a reputable, reliable and preferred provider. Our Company has capability and experience in delivering solar Power Purchase Agreements, has forged strong industry partnerships and is committed to excellence in project management.
  • ADECO Solar is approved Clean Energy Solar Retailer and energy provider @ SECECO(Saudi Electricity company).Our previous experience ensure that ADECO Solar delivers a consistent level of quality to our clients by having well defined and regularly reviewed processes and procedures.

Solar Smart Systems. ​

Our services

Solar Car Shade for Parking.

Solar building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) Systems for buildings.

Solar Pumping(Irrigation)Systems.

Solar Cooling Systems.

Solar Heating(Thermal)Systems for (Homes , Swimming Pools and Factories … ETC).

Solar Lighting Systems. (Normal & Smart).

Solar Cold Storage Systems.​

  • King Faisal University
  • Installation of solar off-grid system 37kw for waiting area building.
  • Installation of solar off-grid system 20kw for the bridge.
  • Installation of 4000 solar lighting fixtures for the boundary wall of the university.
  • Installation of 60 solar lighting poles all in one.
  • Installation of 12000 Liters central solar water heating system for Physical building.
  • Installation of 6000 Liters central solar water heating system for Stadium .
  • Installation of 24 domestic solar water heater of capacity 300 Liter.
  • Private Sector
  • Installation of solar on-grid system for 55 villas in different areas of the kingdom.
  • Installation of solar pumping system of capacities 10HP , 20HP , 75HP for different sites in Saudi Arabia.

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