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The measure of success for any trading companies is how they adopt the trends in market in the entire world. As one of the successful trading stories, ADECO is One of the prime example of integrity in its statements We are not only reacted to the changing conditions of volatile markets, but also. we excelled in finding opportunities and advantages in what others have seen as turmoil.

ADECO’s vision is to be the most admired satisfier of our customer, as partners of success. Admired not only for our high-quality products and attractive services, but also for how we react responsibly for demands that may surrounds us.

The market way for our group & products represents exactly how the present situation is. ADECO is continuously adapting organization and resources to match the global situation and the shifting balance of the markets in which we operate.

We take these measures from a position of financial and strategic strength, reacting to certain trends and anticipating others. The result of this continuous process is an efficient. flexible and dedicated organization.

However, the more things change, the more some things stay the same. ADECO will always stay true to our mission: to add value to the supply chain for our products worldwide, a recipe that has proven successful for many years.

All ADECO employees share a responsibility for how we act in relation to our customers, our consumers, our owners, our suppliers and co-workers. We, as a company. always act in a way that demonstrates that we deserve the stakeholders’ confidence and appreciation.

The ADECO Code of Conduct is a set of ethical guidelines for how we do business. It builds on ADECO’s core values: Focus, Team play, Passion and Pride. The Code takes the entire value chain into consideration and provides guidance to how to live up to our reputation in practice. Therefore. all co-workers are encouraged to accept their share of our joint responsibility.

We continuously strive to improve in the field of corporate

responsibility Consequently, the Code of Conduct will be a document which will evolve together with our company.

In addition to our corporate responsibility, we have a personal responsibility. We should always behave and act in a way that allows us to take pride in our achievements, our company and our trade. That, at the end of the day, is what it takes to become a successful business in the long run. To be guided by your values and take responsibility for your actions.

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